The Concierge Benefit

In today’s medical environment, most practice see thousands of patients, resulting in long waits to secure an appointment, and then limited time with the physician when you finally get to see them. You are special, and you need to be treated accordingly.

I offer a Concierge Choice practice, a special medical environment that is conducive to care that is comprehensive and comforting. My concierge practice allows me the extra time needed to provide you with personalized care and a level of attention and service that I believe are so important.

My practice accepts Medicare and a number of insurance plans. Please call: (301) 309-0940 for more information.

As a member, you’ll receive more time with me to discuss all of your health concerns and even focus on preventive care

  • A comprehensive annual exam with screenings that go beyond a standard physical
  • Lifestyle counseling, including stress management, nutritional and fitness assessments
  • Longer appointments that start on-time
  • My direct availability 24/7 via my private cell phone number
  • Convenient email communication for non-urgent matters
  • My personal coordination of specialist referrals
  • A dedicated office staff with a focus on service
  • A network of concierge physicians available to see you when you travel
  • Complimentary enrollment of your children ages 18-26
  • Important medical information stored on a convenient USB
  • Discounted Uber rides to the office for members who require transportation assistance

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You deserve the best healthcare possible

With good health and peace of mind, it is possible to enjoy all of the activities you love. Make an investment in your health and we can work together toward a longer and better future.