The Concierge Choice

For more information on the Concierge Choice Program, call Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565 or email

Dr. Horne offers a Concierge Choice program that allows for the extra time needed to provide you with personalized care and a level of attention and service that is so important.

Concierge Choice Benefits Include:

  • Preventive Wellness: Each year you receive an annual examination with a thorough health review and supplementary testing that goes beyond what would be covered by insurance in a traditional physical.
  • More Time: Longer, more relaxed appointment windows mean you never feel rushed. You can take the time you need to explore your health concerns and treatment plans.
  • Appointments That Start On-Time: No more long delays in the waiting room. Specific concierge hours means appointments start right on time.
  • Exclusive Office Phone Number: You can conveniently reach a member of the staff at the office and bypass the automated attendant when you call.
  • Easy Ways to Reach Dr. Horne Directly: Members receive Dr. Horne’s private cell phone number and email address for after-hours communication.
  • Convenient Appointment Scheduling: It’s easy to secure same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Patient Advocacy: Dr. Horne and his staff can serve as your personal advocates with other health providers, coordinating your care and helping you make medical decisions in the context of your whole health history.
  • Important Medical Information at Your Fingertips: Members receive a portable USB containing medical information that makes it easy to share with other providers as necessary.
  • Peace of Mind While You’re Traveling: A network of concierge physicians is available to you when you are away from home.

We were very appreciative of the doctor’s availability. He returned our calls evenings and weekends when my husband was having some significant health issues. "

Dr. Horne has gone beyond, helping me when I most needed his time. I would not be without Concierge Choice—especially at my age. "