| The Concierge Choice Program

More Time
Comprehensive Care
Greater Connectivity

Many of my patients juggle chronic conditions along with the general health and wellness issues we all face. For those patients, I offer a special Concierge Choice program that streamlines medical service and allows me to serve as not just a gastroenterologist, but also a primary care physician.

This means comprehensive, convenient care with more time to focus on total wellness and your best long term health.

Concierge Choice benefits include:

Preventive Wellness: An extended annual physical with specialized screenings that are customized to your unique health profile

Gastroenterology and Primary Care: A comprehensive approach to healthcare with one doctor who knows your complete health history and goals

More Time With Me: Longer appointment windows so we can have relaxed visits and discuss all of your health concerns

Exclusive Office Phone Number for Members: You can easily reach a member of my staff when you call

Reach Me Directly Even After Hours: Members receive my personal cell phone number and email address to make communication simple even when the office is closed

Convenient Appointment Scheduling: Easy to secure same-day or next-day appointments

Patient Advocacy: I can serve as your advocate with all your healthcare providers, helping you make medical decisions and understand testing and treatment regimens

Facilitation with Referrals and Insurance: My staff can take the extra time necessary to secure referrals and help with insurance issues

Peace of Mind While You’re Traveling: No matter where you are, I can be easily reached and will help manage your care, even securing an appointment for you with another Concierge Choice Physician in their network when possible

Important Medical Information: Members receive a portable USB containing medical information that makes it easy to share with other providers as necessary

There is no substitute for a physician who knows you, and who available and easy to reach when you need care. Learn more! Download a brochure or call (877) 888-5565

Dr. Good is the best! He makes us feel like family.
I'm very pleased I joined the concierge program. It gives me time to discuss severe health concerns outside of gastroenterology that I never discussed before. Dr. Good helped me with these issues and I've had a good improvement.
Dr. Good is by far the most attentive, patient, compassionate doctor I have ever had take care of me.
I am very pleased with this program. It gives me a great sense of confidence.
I feel 100% cared for by Dr. Good.