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Concierge Benefits

As a private internist and cardiologist practicing in Manhattan for many years, I know nothing is more important than the relationship I have with my patients. By having the time to get to know you personally, I am able to provide you with high quality medical services and also guide you toward the lifestyle changes that can lead to better long term health.

I serve as not just your doctor but your advocate with other health providers and even hospitals, helping you navigate a complex system, secure necessary appointments and understand your testing and treatment regimens in the context of your whole health history.

You receive services not available in a traditional practice, such as:

Preventive Wellness
An extended annual examination that includes a thorough health review and supplementary testing customized to your unique health needs.

More Time with Me
Longer, more relaxed appointment windows that allow us to spend more time together discussing all your health concerns and treatment plans.

Dedicated Staff Focused on Service
My staff answers all of your calls to the office and connects you to the care or service you need efficiently and cheerfully.

Easy Ways to Reach Me Directly
Members receive my private cell phone number and email address for after-hours communication.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling
It’s easy to secure a same-day or next-day appointment.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Care
I can serve as your advocate with specialists and health providers.

Facilitation With Referrals and Insurance
My staff can take the time to coordinate with other health providers on your behalf, and even handle insurance issues.

Health and Wellness Events
Several times a year, we invite members to join us on a variety of wellness events, like Central Park walks, visits to the Met and nutritional seminars.

Peace of Mind While You’re Traveling
A network of concierge physicians available when you are away from home.

Dr. Friedman takes his patients on a walking tour of the Met.

I feel like I have an old fashioned doctor relationship with Dr. Friedman. I am able to spend more time with him discuss health issues and I also enjoy the special event about diet "