The Concierge Choice

At Family Physicians of Old Town Fairfax, our mission is to provide modern medical care with old fashion caring. In this fast paced, impersonal society, we take great pride in providing one-on-one personalized medical care. We do not employ nurse practitioners or physician assistants, unlike many other primary care practices. Our patients are evaluated by their personal doctor—a qualified physician, not a nurse. As an independent practice, we take a personal interest in our patients and work as their advocates to ensure our patients receive the finest medical care available.

This commitment to personalized care is why we offer the Concierge Choice model of care. As the storm clouds gather over the private practice of medicine and most independent primary care practices are closing or selling to large hospital systems, the concierge model of medicine has allowed our practice to remain independent and our patients to thrive.

If you value a private physician who is beholden only to your good health—we urge you to learn more about the benefits of our Concierge Choice program.

As a member, you get:

  • Preventive Wellness: An extended annual examination that goes beyond what your insurance would cover, including a thorough health review and supplementary testing customized to your unique health needs.
  • More Time Together: Longer, more relaxed appointment windows so you never feel rushed or hurried.
  • A Dedicated Staff Focused on Service: Phones are answered promptly and staff handles questions and concerns with the efficiency and care you deserve.
  • Easy Ways to Reach Us: Members get their physician’s email address to communicate conveniently for non-urgent issues and their physician’s private cell phone number in case there are after hours concerns.
  • Patient Advocacy: Your personal physician serves as your patient advocate, helping you navigate the often-confusing healthcare landscape.
  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Care: We can help you secure appointments with specialists and coordinate your care.
  • Peace of Mind While You’re Traveling: A network of concierge physicians available when you travel.
  • Complimentary Enrollment of Your Children: Your children up to age 26 are members at no charge.