“Each patient gets Dr. Leonard and Dr. Crane-Lee’s full attention and time as required. We do not know what we would do without them.”

“The opportunity to have my physician communicate with other healthcare providers on my behalf is extremely important.”

“This seems to be an excellent program for both the doctor and my family. Dr. Leonard remains a wonderfully gifted doctor and we enjoy each visit with him.”

“A few things I have appreciated: I have emailed questions a few times and received timely answers. My doctor called me personally to discuss some test results. My yearly exam was not rushed at all.”

“Dr. Leonard, Dr. Crane-Lee and the staff have been wonderful. We value and appreciate the attentive personalized care.”

“I am pleased not only with Dr. Leonard’s availability, but the attention and helpfulness of his staff. Well done!”

“My doctor never makes you feel rushed.”

“I was against this program at first. Now I love it. Thank you.”

“My doctor is an excellent open minded physician who is also a good listener. He builds support with his patients and they care about their welfare.”

“I value the accessibility of my doctor either by phone or by appointment. I value the amount of time the doctor and staff spend with the patient. Excellent service.”

“Dr. Crane-Lee cares very much about all of her patients. That is the most important thing about her. Who would not want to have her as a doctor? She is always researching to see what would be the best treatment—in my case it has been difficult at times! I am very glad that Dr. Crane-Lee is my primary care physician.”

“Dr. Crane-Lee and other members of Family Physicians have always been easy to reach, quick to respond, willing to provide help and assistance whenever I needed help. This professional response is why I joined the concierge program.”

“I value being able to discuss the results of my test and his advice on how to proceed. The doctor is a phenomenal physician. Being able to have an in-depth talk with him is a real plus.”

“I appreciate the time that my doctor gives to me and how he listens to my concerns. Often he has to coordinate several of my medical issues with other doctors. I feel that he is my medical advocate and will always suggest and help to achieve what is in my best interest.”

“I appreciate not being rushed. I am treated thoroughly, rather than being rushed out for the next patient.”

“I couldn't be more pleased with my treatments and availability of my doctor.”

“I care for my two elderly parents, and Dr. Leonard and his staff have greatly improved their health and my ability to coordinate many doctors to address their complex health issues.”